Office Space is a Key Part of Your Brand

April 26, 20150 Comments

Office Visualization

Office Visualization

Hello, I’m Marianne Tenenbaum, Branding Strategist for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we’re discussing how your office space is a critical component of the physical aspect of your brand.

In many of our blogs we have written extensively about the 7Ps of Marketing and how physical evidence such as packaging, design and signage are visual elements that assist in telling the story of your brand to potential customers.

The design of your office space is also a key component of your brand. Each time clients visit your office they gain impressions about your company. What do they see? Does your office create favorable feelings about using your product or service?

Also, consider the impressions generated for employees, prospective employees, vendors and other visitors to your space. Ensure the office design sends the message that your company is a great place to work and where your employees want to be.

The visual office environment should energize job applicants and ensure other visitors receive a positive perspective about your brand.

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