Refreshing the New Mexico Magazine Brand

February 12, 20160 Comments

Hiking in Santa Fe Local Mountains

Hiking in Santa Fe Local Mountains

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Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. On our radio show Ask Those Branding Guys, we discussed tourism and the branding of New Mexico with the Editor of the state’s magazine.

Joining us on the show was Dave Herndon, Editor-in-Chief of New Mexico Magazine which is part of the Department of Tourism and reflects the state’s brand. The 93 year old publication promotes travel throughout the state and focuses articles on history, culture, cuisine, lifestyle and related activities. This aligns well with the current New Mexico True advertising campaign.

New Mexico magazine has evolved over time; however, they have remained true to their mission and vision. Dave shared that New Mexico Magazine serves as a community for lovers of New Mexico. They have 96,000 Facebook followers as well as incredible core audience loyalty. The average length of subscription is 10 years.

The magazine is always building on this loyalty and developing their audience through social media, PR and events. The January issues covered the emerging entrepreneurial class that is being nurtured in Santa Fe which is resulting in improvements across Santa Fe in areas including art and food.

The goal of NM magazine is to boost the New Mexico brand and also focus on keeping their own brand fresh. Herndon shared that the January issue has bold new fonts, a new layout format and a 2016 feature called Movers & Makers.

Herndon’s branding tip: Show your assets in a positive light at the same time accurately represent your offerings. When you don’t set customer expectations correctly, it will lead to disappointment and a less than optimal experience.

Enjoy the show.

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