3 Keys to a Great Brand

February 14, 20160 Comments

A Brand Must Be Unique, Compelling and Believable

A Brand Must Be Unique, Compelling and Believable

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we review three foundational elements that all great brands have.

Every business has to stand out from their competitors through differentiating products and services, providing a superior customers experience or being an innovator in the area of business; preferably all of the above.

To set your brand apart, consider these 3 Keys concepts:

1. Unique
These are the characteristic that make your product or service special. Perhaps you offer something that is handmade or the only one of its kind in the community. Determine what is special about your product that no one else can claim.

2. Compelling
A product is compelling when there is consumer demand for the attributes you offer or provide. You can make the greatest widget in the world, however, if it didn’t meet a consumer demand it would not be compelling and creating a market for it would be very difficult. Consider what makes your brand compelling to customers and what they will care about.

3. Believable
When they make a purchase, consumers trust your brand to be what you claim and that you will deliver on your brand promise. Think about why customers trust your offerings, perhaps you have extensive experience or special knowledge.

Once you know what is unique, compelling and believable about your brand ensure you are using these factors to tell your story through your advertising and social media. Every little improvement here will go a long way to enhance the stature of your brand.

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