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October 30, 20160 Comments

Branding Bold: Stay Top-of-Mind with Target Customers

Branding Bold: Stay Top-of-Mind with Target Customers

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we are discussing how critical it is to plan your branding strategy and follow through on that plan.

Strategic planning is critical to the success of your organization. There are hundreds of Once a Day Marketing™blogs sharing advice on a myriad of branding and marketing topics. To kick-start planning, review a selection of topics that are the most meaningful to your business. Then, apply this knowledge to develop branding & marketing strategies and tactics to implement next year and Brand Bold!

There are numerous ways to complete strategic planning; start by considering these questions:

• What is the overall brand goal?

• Does the current strategy position the brand to achieve this goal?

• What tactics have been working for promoting and growing my brand?

• Which channels are generating the awareness my business requires in the marketplace?

• What hasn’t been working? Should I modify or eliminate it?

• What is driving bottom line profits?

In the coming year your goal should be to introduce, or improve on, strategy to enhance your brand or the bottom line. Determine if there are new markets you would like to conquer next year as well.

Finally, create a list of tactics/tasks to complete in 2017 to meet the goals & objectives you have defined. Continuously measure how well your marketing and branding efforts are moving your brand toward achieving your goals.

Proactively developing smart strategic solutions for next year is crucial. It establishes a road map to where you want your brand to go and is a means to ensure your team is working in the same direction. A well-defined strategy allows you to have benchmark metrics that may be used in evaluating the results of the plan.

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