Goldilocks and the Three Buzzes

January 26, 20140 Comments

Hello. I’m Jim Glover that branding guy for Once a Day Marketing. Today we are looking at creating the right amount of buzz for the introduction of a new product or service.

Generating buzz or hype is a great way to create anticipation and excitement for customers around the launch of something new. The goal is to take the Goldilocks approach and make sure the buzz is “just right.”

Many brands don’t understand the power of buzz and often wait and wait and wait to tell their customers about a new product or service. They want all their ducks in a row before they go to market. This conservative marketing approach works but a brand is leaving opportunity on the table by not having customers lined up to buy their products on release day.

The other side of the coin are those brands that create buzz too early or saturate the market with so much content that the market loses its interest and doesn’t care once the product hits the street. Here are two examples.

A leading electronic engineering company in Silicon Valley would go to trade shows and announce the pending release of a new product. This would create amazing excitement with industry professionals. However, it would often take the company too long to actually bring the product to market thereby resulting in the company not delivering on its brand promise.

Another example is the recent release of the film Anchorman 2. For months before the release of the movie we saw the main character Ron Burgundy played by Will Ferrell promoting other brands like Dodge and ESPN. By the time the movie was released it seems the market’s excitement for Ron Burgundy had waned and was over saturated. The movie’s box office wasn’t the success that producers wanted. Was this over buzzing?

Your goal is to create the right amount of anticipation. Apple does an amazing job of creating buzz for a product to the point where customers wait in line at stores to be the first to own an iPhone, iPod or iPad. The same might be said for PBS and its popular show Downton Abbey. Creating just enough buzz to drive record viewership for the series.

Like Goldilocks it’s important to manage a buzz campaign that’s just right. Stay away from the pitfalls of way too early, way too much or not enough. Find the balance that works for you and you’ll have a ready-market from day one.

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