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September 14, 20170 Comments
Those Branding Guys Jim Glover and Dave Hayduk (right)

Those Branding Guys Jim Glover and Dave Hayduk (right)

Listen to our featured Ask Those Branding Guys radio show podcast: Dave Hayduk Hanging up the Headphones

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. On our radio show Ask Those Branding Guys, we discussed the importance of branding and marketing.

It was an eventful show for Ask Those Branding Guys™. Glover announced that co-host Dave Hayduk is hanging up the headphones and today is his last show. Jim also shared that the show will now be known as That Branding Guy™ and is moving to Talk 1260 KTRC, Santa Fe’s News, Talk Leader and will air on Saturday at 2:00pm beginning on September 23rd.

Jim and Dave talked about some of the guest they’ve interviewed over the years. Their very first guest was Widmer Brothers Brewing and we learned about being true to what you love and telling the story of who you are as a brand.

A strong brand is important to communities in the same way it is to any business. Those Branding Guys have been working with Farmington for the past four years to build and rollout a cohesive brand for the City that allows groups with a variety of interests to come together under the mindset of the brand. As a result, many new projects are under way to benefit residents and visitors.

Dave reiterated the importance of businesses ensuring they have a line item in their budget for branding and marketing. It is essential for every business to share their message in the market place to ensure the brand is top of mind when a customer is ready to make a purchase.

The discussion turned to all the channels messaging can be distributed through today. Jim shared that the most important thing to remember is to review your target audience and focus on using the marketing platforms to reach those customers. It is especially important not to just keep doing something because you’ve always done it.

Dave reminded listeners that they should us a combination of channels depending on their target audience. Radio is wonderful local medium while online may be more appropriate when your customers are widely disbursed.

Enjoy the show!

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