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January 4, 20160 Comments

The Right Branding Mindset for the New Year

The Right Branding Mindset for the New Year

Hello, I’m Marianne Tenenbaum, Branding Strategist, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today I want to motivate you to review your branding and marketing for the year ahead.

This season of New Year’s resolutions is a great time to evaluate the branding and marketing efforts for your business and make adjustments as necessary! Use the ideas below to start branding bold in 2016.

• Brand and market every day, ensure you have a line item in your budget for both
• If your brand is growing stale, incorporate updates to energize your offerings
• Know the unique differentiator of your business
• Follow the 7Ps of marketing
• Create a compelling marketing message and use it consistently
• Engage your customers through social media
• Build search engine optimization with content appropriate to your business
• Review your marketing plan: 1) Evaluate 2015 efforts – which channels were the most successful? 2) Assess items you did not execute and determine if they should remain in the plan. 3) Add new actionable strategies & tactics for 2016 – try something you have not done before.

Gaining customer loyalty and trust does not happen by accident. Your branding and marketing efforts should ensure messaging reaches your target customers and your brand is #1 in their minds when it is time to make a purchase. Be sure to brand bold in 2016 and provide the best customer experience possible.


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