Understanding Your Customer Loyaltyscape

November 17, 20130 Comments
Once a Day Marketing Loyaltyscape

Once a Day Marketing Loyaltyscape

Once a Day Marketing™ featured video blog: Do You Know Your Cutomer Loyaltyscape

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today is Smart Monday and we are sharing our model to categorize the loyalty of your customers.

There are numerous, very technical ways to zero in on the buying behavior and characteristics of your customers; some leverage demographics, others use psychographics. We like the 10,000 foot view to assess customer loyalty.

Once a Day Marketing™ has developed a simple matrix with four different categories of customers; Undecided, BlueMooners, Zombies and Brand Lovers.

Undecided are the vast majority of consumers in the market place who would potentially buy your product but don’t know anything about your brand. Next are the Blue Mooners, these are customers who have tried your product out of convenience rather than having an interest in a specific brand.

Third are Zombies, they are really good customers and habitually gravitate to your product but they aren’t very loyal. As soon as they discover competitor product attributes that are more interesting or beneficial they will divert and seek out the alternative brand. The last group is Brand Lovers. These customers will literally go out of their way to use your product because it provides them with an experience they absolutely love.

Here are some tactics you can apply to influence each group toward your brand. Share more information with the Undecideds. One approach may be more traditional or social media marketing to get on their radar and generate enough interest for them to try your product.

Blue Mooners have tried your brand once, so the strategic question is how to motivate them to try it again. Zombies are already habitually using your product, they are not loyal per se so the challenge is to persuade them to be loyal.

Brand Lovers are sacred to your business and are probably driving most of your revenue. Your goal is to provide them with more reasons to love your product and recommend your product to their peers.

Once a Day Marketing™ positions brands to become #1 in the minds of target customers. Visit our website at www.onceadaymarketing.com. Contact James Glover at (505) 501-1330 or email glover@onceadaymarketing.com. Listen to Ask Those Branding Guys™ every Monday at 11am (MST) streaming live on SantaFe.com KVSF 101.5 FM.

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