Marketing 101: the 7P’s of Marketing – PHYSICAL EVIDENCE

March 13, 20170 Comments
How Does Your Business Look to Customers?

How Does Your Business Look to Customers?

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, “That Branding Guy” for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we’re sharing Part VII in our series on the fundamentals of marketing using the 7Ps with a discussion of Physical Evidence.

The physical evidence is everything customers physically experience when interacting with your company. These are the things they might see, touch, hear, taste, smell, etc. Typically it encompasses the retail store as well as products and their packaging, however, physical evidence also extends to your website and how employees are dressed. All of these are equally a part of the physical evidence.

Imagine if there were literally coffee stains on the carpet when customers arrive at your business. That doesn’t make a good impression on them and diminishes the stature of your brand in their minds. They may think that if the business didn’t take time to clean up the stains, what else might they not pay attention to.

When considering the physical aspects of your business, look at the customer touch points across the delivery channels and determine where those “coffee stains” exist. Are you company trucks dirty or scratched? How does your signage look – old and beat up? What about your voice mail – does it sound crisp and clean to your customers? Once reviewed, improve and enhance the aspects you have identified. These improvements will create a more favorable impression of your brand in the minds of customers.

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