Identity Crisis: Branding for the Healthcare Industry

December 14, 20170 Comments
Identity Crisis: – Healthcare Brandings Hidden Problems and Strategies to Solve Them

Identity Crisis: – Healthcare Brandings Hidden Problems and Strategies to Solve Them

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. On our radio show That Branding Guy™, we discussed healthcare branding and marketing challenges with an industry expert.

Joining us on the show was Vince Parry – President of the Parry Branding Group, branding expert and author of Identity Crisis – Healthcare Brandings Hidden Problems and Strategies to Solve Them. Vince has been in the health and wellness marketing and communication industry for 35 years, his background includes working at large ad agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi as well as Young and Rubicam.

Vince started his own healthcare-focused branding consultancy about five years ago. Clients range from health and wellness over the counter brands to big pharmaceuticals, healthcare services and hospitals.

Identity Crisis has two meanings: 1. When a brand struggles to find its identity or their identity is confused/diluted and 2. People (consumers) who have an illness lose part of their personality and are not themselves – they also experience an identity crisis. When these consumers look to the healthcare industry they are seeking to resolve their own crisis.

The discussion turned to television advertising for pharmaceuticals; Vince believes they should die a quick death. As an industry, health and wellness provides services to consumers that improve quality of life or extend life. As such, they should behave in accordance with this brand identity.

The current positioning of TV commercials is actually undermining this brand stature by trying to be entertaining while there is nothing entertaining about their illness related subject matter. Strategies that work well for the healthcare industry are online and print media. There is an opportunity to tell more of a story and provide information to consumers and as to online, even become a resource.

With his book, Vince is targeting marketing and branding professionals, especially those in the healthcare agencies. Doctors and consumers interested in healthcare are also reading Identity Crisis.

Vince’s branding tip – get to know your audience and find out what they are seeking.

Enjoy the show!

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