How’s Your CX (Customer Experience)?

September 14, 20150 Comments
Jolt Your Journey Thank You Cards

Jolt Your Journey Thank You Cards

Hello, I’m Marianne Tenenbaum, Branding Strategist, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we are discussing the importance of customer experience (commonly referred to as CX) for individuals engaging with your business.

Once a customer arrives at your story or website, the process they go through to make a purchase is the customer experience. It includes everything from how they are greeted upon arrival, ability of the staff or website to assist them in finding the items they would like to purchase, checkout process, their exit and everything in between.

We are all customers of numerous establishments. How often can you say that you had a great experience, perhaps not as frequently as you would like to.

As a business owner, recognize that your staff, whether they engage with customers in-person, on the phone or online, are one of the key ingredients to achieving a great customer experience. Provide training, reminders and rewards to your team to ensure they know the value of their role and keep delivery of that great CX top of mind.

For Example, the City of Farmington, New Mexico recently created a program to reward employees at local merchants who “jolted the journey” of a resident visiting the establishment. Customers participating in the program have Jolt Cards that they hand directly to the employee, providing on the spot recognition of great service. Over time, the program may be expanded to include prizes for employees collected a specified number of cards.

Rewarding Positive Customer Experiences

Rewarding Positive Customer Experiences

When your employees are educated regarding how they can provide great service and empowered to meet customer needs, they will be a large part of creating that great experience for your customers.

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