Ensuring High Esteem for Your Brand

October 20, 20140 Comments

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Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we are looking at an essential component of brand stature: esteem.

The Y&R Brand Asset Model addresses brand stature and brand strength, two critical components of a Power Brand. (I recommend you take a moment to study more about the Y&R Brand Asset Model.)

A key component of a power brand is whether or not the brand is perceived to have high esteem or is held in high regard by customers and/or potential customers; the higher the esteem, the greater the Brand’s stature. Like personal reputation, the more positive the brand reputation the better it is liked or even loved by customers. This is the emotional side of branding.

Keeping brand esteem in mind, let’s take a look at the recent actions of University of Georgia and Florida State University related to possible NCAA infractions committed by each of their top Heisman Trophy candidates. Response to these allegations is remarkably different. Once apprised of the pending situation, Georgia immediately suspended its top player. They chose to protect the university’s reputation over winning a football game, the SEC conference championship, a national title or gaining the prestige of its top player receiving the Heisman Trophy.

Florida State, confronted with an almost identical situation for its top player, is not reacting immediately and, instead, is reviewing the pending infraction. Their top player did suit up this weekend and helped secure a win for FSU over Notre Dame. Despite the fact this occurrence is the fifth major incident by its star QB, Florida State seems to be showing that winning another Heisman or a second national championship is more important than protecting the esteem and brand stature of the university.

Reviewing Y&R’s Asset Model again, I give high marks to Georgia and its reputation management. Their brand stature is rising in my book. As to Florida State, their brand stature is eroding…at least for me and I would imagine many others who value integrity. Something for all of us to think about when our brand faces esteem challenges.

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