Elements of a Great Video Advertisement

June 22, 20150 Comments

Create Powerful Video Advertisements

Create Powerful Video Advertisements

Hello, I’m Marianne Tenenbaum, Branding Strategist for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we’re discussing the essential elements of a great video advertisement.

Notice that I said video advertisement rather than television commercial. Keep in mind that your ad may not always run only on broadcast television or cable channels; it will be seen via YouTube and other platforms on computers, tablets and smart phones as well.

Key items to consider:
• Hire a professional media producer to develop a polished, professional video
• Ensure the style of the video reflects the essence of your brand
• Create a story that is compelling & believable and will resonate with your target customers
• Be true to your product/set accurate expectations
• When text is used keep it short and in a crisp, readable font
• Review the creative from the customer’s point of view

Another important aspect to take into account is sound; advertisements typically include a combination of music, dialogue or voice over. Music should align with the tone and subject of the ad, such as surf music or gently lapping waves for a beach resort commercial. Enhance your story with well-crafted dialogue and or voice that relates to the video images.

Recently I saw a commercial on broadcast television which was only visual images with no accompanying music or voice. From a customer perspective this seems to miss the mark. If your audience is not facing the screen and watching the images a precious opportunity to make an impression on them is lost.

Evaluate your video advertisement against these criteria and determine if you can create more effective ads.

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