Differentiating Through Customer Service

April 28, 20140 Comments

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we are looking at how great customer service can differentiate a brand.

Recently I read a blog by Tricia Morris at Parature, a Microsoft company, that highlighted 5 key words of advice from Sir Richard Branson about customer service and how it can be a great differentiator for a brand. There is no rocket science here; just good common sense. To keep my blog short, I’ve paraphrased Branson’s remarks.

1) Set realistic customer expectations then don’t just meet them, exceed them.

2) Hire wonderful people who believe in your company goals, let their ideas be heard and respected, and give them freedom to help solve problems for your customers.

3) Managers and executives must be on their guard and respond quickly to problems. When issues turn up, a company’s response can have a big impact on its reputation and long-term success.

4) Creating a favorable impression at the first point of contact is an absolute imperative. But what isn’t widely understood is that the 2nd impression can be even more important than the first.

5) For a brand, customer service is everything in the end.

Thanks to Sir Richard Branson and Tricia Morris for sharing these pearls of wisdom regarding customer service. Keep in mind that customer service doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition for a brand. It just has to be a major component in the culture of the company. I’m Jim Glover, that branding guy for Once a Day Marketing and be sure to brand strong in 2014.

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