Crafting a Winning Culture Part 2

December 3, 20130 Comments

Once a Day Marketing™ featured video blog: Building a Winning Culture Part 2

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Its Recon Thursday and we are concluding our series with Part 2 of crafting a winning culture.

The idea for this blog came from Jim Stengel’s book “Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies.” The 10 principles were compiled by Martin Zwilling, a Forbes contributor. Today we are going to look at the next five principles:

#6 – Set your standards very high. You always want to challenge your team.

# 7 – Train all the time, coach every day and don’t criticize.

# 8 – Create symbolic gestures to excite your customers and your employees. Think about Apple announcing the next new product.

# 9 – Think like a winner and act like a winner. You will project this attitude to your customers and also to your employees; everyone is part of a winning team.

# 10 – Live your desired legacy. If you don’t know your ultimate goal or direction how will anyone else understand it? It’s up to you to live it and to share it.

By following these principles you should accrue two major benefits. First, that you will build a team based on your ideals and establish a good foundation for future direction. Second, you will give your team the freedom to create. Who knows what that team may achieve in this winning culture where everyone is encouraged to try new approaches.

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