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November 14, 20160 Comments
Keeping the Community Aprised of City Accomplishments

Keeping the Community Aprised of City Accomplishments

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we are discussing how municipalities can improve customer experience while achieving their goals.

Several years ago, the City of Las Vegas, New Mexico was in the position of having to dramatically increase water usage fees in support of efforts to upgrade existing infrastructure. I was engaged by the City of Las Vegas to develop a branding campaign and community outreach program sharing with residents and business how increased water rates were being used in building a sustainable water system for the community.
The program, entitled “Our Future is Clear,” was designed to ensure that residents and businesses in Las Vegas were apprised of the action the City was taking to ensure that Las Vegas has a long-term, sustainable water supply.

The campaign was launched via Our Future is Clear stickers in utilities bills and include signage around town to highlight water program successes, a formal outreach program, and new contemporary report on water engineering reports.
The program was a resounding success and favorably changed community attitudes about water rate increases and usages of these funds.

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