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November 19, 20130 Comments

New Mexico Beers on Ice

New Mexico Beers on Ice

Listen to our featured Ask Those Branding Guys radio show podcast: New Mexico Brewers Guild

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today is Strategic Tuesday and we are discussing how a statewide brewer’s guild is working hard to promote its member craft beer brands.

On our radio show Ask Those Branding Guys, we spoke with Christopher Goblet, Beer Ambassador with the New Mexico Brewers Guild. Christopher shares his insight into what it takes to successfully brand and market the craft beer makers in the 30-member guild.

The New Mexico Brewers Guild is like a chamber of commerce for beer-makers. The mission of the organization is to promote, protect and education the public about crafter beers throughout the state of New Mexico.

The guild’s brandline is “Frontier of Beer,” denoting New Mexico’s pioneering spirit, its desire to enhance the science of beer making and New Mexico’s association with the final frontier: space. Christopher joked that perhaps New Mexico will be the first to send craft beer across the universe.

Goblet added what makes New Mexico’s craft beers unique is the diverse personalities of the regional brewers and the fact they are always brewing up something new.

One tactic that he highlighted which is working well for the brewers is to collaborate and partner to enhance the overall craft beer experience for beer enthusiasts in the state. Other tactics mentioned that enhance brand awareness included remote tasting rooms located at tourism destinations like the famous Taos Ski Resort and hosting major beer tasting events to increase interest, trial and product adoption.

The biggest challenge facing small craft brewers is understanding branding and marketing, and devoting enough time to build their brands. Often times the brewers are spending so much time making outstanding beers they do not spend enough time marketing.

Enjoy the podcast.

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