Branding US Eagle Federal Credit Union

January 27, 20160 Comments

US Eagle FCU Branding Bold

US Eagle FCU Branding Bold

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U.S. Eagle Federal Credit Union

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. On our radio show Ask Those Branding Guys™, we discussed re-branding one of New Mexico’s oldest federal credit union.

Joining us on the show were Alan Varela VP of Strategic Development & Marketing and Phil Forbert Marketing Manager at US Eagle Federal Credit Union. US Eagle FCU recently completed the roll out of this new name, Alan and Phil are sharing insights into how they achieved a successful re-branding.

Re-branding of US Eagle FCU was undertaken to ensure the credit union was well positioned in the market place with an updated image and recognizable name. The new name is no longer geographically limiting and the eagle icon invokes both emotion and pride when customers see it.

Knowing they wanted a descriptive and distinct name, the project started with various concepts. The team settled on using “eagle” after the icon had been part of their logo for many years. Once the name was confirmed, US Eagle moved into designing the graphics and a new tagline. They chose the bold blue and green colors to stand out from the crowd.

Credit unions are open to most customers, so target marketing is not limited to any particular groups and services are may be offered beyond the borders of New Mexico. US Eagle FCU feels they differentiate through offering friendlier and better customer services to create a sense of community.

To get the message out about the new name, US Eagle FCU used outdoor advertising and radio as well as branch communication and events across their service area. The rollout was planned well in advance and numerous aspects of the customer impact were considered to ensure that the experience was as seamless as possible.

Phil agrees that branding bold is key. He shared that you can’t plan enough; write down all the tasks you can think of and then go over the list and add items that you forget. Alan recommends that you have clear, documented brand guidelines and ensure they are followed consistently by the entire team.

Enjoy the podcast.

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