Branding Strategy vs Advertising

April 11, 20160 Comments

Branding is the Foundation for Advertising

Branding is the Foundation for Advertising

Hello, I’m Marianne Tenenbaum, Branding Strategist, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we are discussing the difference between branding strategy and advertising for your company.

At Once a Day Marketing we focus on creating bold branding strategy for our clients. We know that a brand is simply everything; it resides in the mind of customers based on the experiences and impressions associated with a brand; and can be influenced but not controlled. Brand strategy begins with identifying the essence of a company and developing a brand that is true to this nature.

To create a successful brand it’s imperative for our team to have a thorough understanding of virtually every aspect of a client’s company including operations, manufacturing, marketing, sales, etc. This knowledge enables us to achieve an authentic brand position that is unique, compelling and believable.

A company’s brand architecture (how brands within the company’s portfolio relate to each other), customer perceptions regarding brand benefits and how that brand relates to competitors are all vital aspects to consider. We assess positioning, brand promise, functional and emotional benefits, etc. This work is then used to create compelling messaging that will be relevant and resonate with target customers.

Advertising is the process of sharing this messaging through the marketing ecosystem of traditional and social media channels. With the myriad of ways consumers are now exposed to marketing messaging it’s a full time job for an advertiser or advertising agency to understand these channels and design cost-effective campaigns to reach a target audience.

It may be very difficult for an advertising agency to have a full grasp on all aspects of branding if their primary business is creation and placement of your marketing message. When you are ready to build a new brand or update an existing brand, be sure that you work with a branding expert who understands the nuances of branding and will provide you with the research, analysis and guidance you need for a successful positioning and branding strategy. This becomes the foundation for the development and implementation of a successful advertising plan.

Once a Day Marketing™ inspires clients to brand bold. Visit our website at Contact Marianne Tenenbaum at (505) 699-7849 or email Listen to Ask Those Branding Guys™ every Monday at 11:00am (MDT) streaming live on KVSF 101.5 FM.

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