Branding Bold: Academy for Technology and the Classics

April 11, 20170 Comments
ATC Santa Fe, New Mexico

ATC Santa Fe, New Mexico

Listen to our featured Ask Those Branding Guys radio show podcast: Academy for Technology and the Classics

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. On our radio show Ask Those Branding Guys, we discussed branding and marketing of Santa Fe charter school.

Joining us on-air was Susan Lumley – Principal of the Academy for Technology and the Classics (ATC) here in Santa Fe. ATC was founded in 2000 to provide a classical and technology-based approach to education in a public school setting. They integrate a variety of learning styles to foster communication, literacy, critical thinking and the personal skills necessary for college success. The school’s mission is to provide an academically charged environment while instilling the “classic” moral values of respect, integrity, responsibility, and honesty.

In today’s environment schools have to be as aware of branding and marketing as any business. ATC distinguished itself in many ways including being a public college preparatory school. They recently were awarded charter School of the Year, are ranked 5th best high school in New Mexico and also rank among the top high schools nationally. The secret to ATCs success is hiring and supporting great people and allowing them use their expertise to assist students to excel.

Susan shared that current students are their best advertisement. Programs like the Acoustic Americana and Marimba bands and student community service demonstrate the brand at public events around the state and in the community to keep ATC top of mind. Student are featured at open houses to talk about their ATC experience with future students and parents.

ATC also does print advertising, distributes brochures & bookmarks and has a Facebook presence as well as parent groups who publicize the school. Their website is a portal that allows parents, students and prospective teachers learn about the thriving environment at ATC.

Next on the horizon for ATC is building additional infrastructure: a gym, music room and three science labs that will enable ATC to offer AP science classes.

Enjoy the show!

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