Branding an Alien Beer

June 23, 20150 Comments

A six-pack of out-of-this-world Alien Amber Ale from Sierra Blanca Brewery

A six-pack of out-of-this-world Alien Amber Ale from Sierra Blanca Brewery

Listen to our featured Ask Those Branding Guys™ radio show podcast: Sierra Blanca Brewery

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. On our radio show Ask Those Branding Guys™, we discussed branding strategy with a micro New Mexico brewery.

Joining us on the show was Richard Weber, Owner of Sierra Blanca Brewery in Moriarty, New Mexico. Sierra Blanca brews 17 beers along with seasonal products and is known for their signature brand Alien beer. Alien brew was first created for the 50th anniversary of the Roswell crash.

Sierra Blanca keeps their brand fresh by developing new beers, creating inventive names and keeping the packaging updated. The whole team works to name products; they keep a list in the brewery and write down ideas as they come up. Weber held a contest for the latest alien logo design; Glover commented this was a great way to encourage customer engagement.

To create brand awareness, Weber does tastings at locations where his products are sold. As an alternative to tastings, he sometimes offers a six pack of 6 different varieties so customers can have a sampling. Sierra Blanca has a tasting room adjacent to the Moriarty brewery and a beer garden is opening in July. Merchandising is also a large component of keeping the brand top of mind. Sierra Blanca has a line of T-shirts and glassware that is sold at the tasting room.

From an advertising perspective, radio is working wonderfully for their owned establishments. Sierra Blanca is using social media to tell customers about new offerings and has had good response. Glover suggested Weber use a campaign where customers would share photos via social media using the Sierra Blanca hashtag and follow the results to see the impact it creates.

Weber’s branding tip is to ensure your images are prominently displayed on your product, packaging, dispensing device, etc.

Enjoy the show.

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