Blurring the Line Between Marketing and Journalism

September 27, 20130 Comments

Today is Digital Friday at Once a Day Marketing™ and we are discussing an emerging trend referred to as Native Advertising.

A recent New York Times article describes Native Advertising as an advertisement in the guise of journalism, displaying the same characteristics of the site on which it is found. This form of advertising is appearing in such publications as Forbes and The Atlantic. It is also known as sponsored content.

Although generally labeled as advertising, it may garner more attention than an online or traditional advertisement. We recently read an “article” in Forbes twice before realizing it was sponsored content. The up side is that a marketer is potentially increasing reach. The downside is that sites and publications run the risk of alienating their readers.

If you are going to place sponsored content for your business on other sites, the approach you take should enhance awareness but not at the expense of diminishing your brand in the eyes of followers. Partner with the sites to ensure you don’t mislead and it is clear who is authoring the content.

On the reverse side, if you are accepting sponsored content for your site be sure to review it carefully and label it accordingly.

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