Be a Top Social Business

November 15, 20130 Comments

Become a Social Business

Become a Social Business

Once a Day Marketing™ featured video blog: Becoming a Social Business

Hello. I’m Jim Glover that branding guy with Once a Day Marketing™. Today is Digital Friday and we are continuing our conversation on the importance of being a social business.

Becoming a social business is more than just using social media channels like twitter and Facebook. It means you have made a serious commitment to social media and to engaging customers, vendors and partners and your employees through these tools. A social company is seeking to be an industry leader in social media as well.

The Dachis Group is a company that tracks social media businesses and publishes an index which rates the top social businesses. This week’s list includes Disney at #1, followed by Viacom and News Corp rounding out the top three. Google, Sony, Nike and the Microsoft are also in the top 10. When you consider the companies named, it’s not surprising that they are leading as social businesses.

For these big brands, it’s about more than just having the resources to engage social media; they understand the importance. They know being a social business builds brand awareness, customer loyalty and increases mind share and advocacy.

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