7Cs of Successful Inbound Marketing: Part 2

October 23, 20130 Comments

Today is Digital Friday at Once a Day Marketing™ and we are concluding a two-part series highlighting our 7Cs of Successful Inbound Marketing©.

If you are launching or managing a social media campaign, it’s important to ensure you address each of the 7Cs which include: Commitment, Customers/Clients, Campaign, Content, Consistency, Capture and Cultivate. Today we are reviewing the final three components.

Consistency: Once you’ve developed a social media presence be sure to keep followers engaged by sharing a consistent stream of content and messaging. There is a fine line between the appropriate amount of content distribution and over saturation; however, the important factor is to be consistent. Consistency will maintain your brand top of mind and grow your online community.

Capture: Once your inbound marketing is launched, you will generate followers. These might be LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers or Facebook fans. Regardless of who they are or where they come from it’s important to capture these leads for future branding and marketing efforts. Your social media campaigns are designed to build your brand and your business.

Cultivate: The final “C” is often overlooked in inbound marketing campaigns. Don’t make the mistake of spending all your time creating and distributing your planned content and messaging. When a follower shows interest in your company, brand or product respond quickly. Reply to requests for information promptly. When customers order a product, ship it immediately. If an issue arises, be sure to resolve it. You can also be proactive and initiate dialogue with your new contacts. Social media is a two-way street and your contacts/followers are interested in developing new business relationships as well.

The secret to mounting a successful inbound marketing campaign is to make sure you address all the 7Cs and allocate appropriate resources as needed. It takes time but you will see results.

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