7Cs of Successful Inbound Marketing – Part 1

February 29, 20160 Comments

The 7Cs of Successful Inbound Marketing

The 7Cs of Successful Inbound Marketing

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we are sharing the first of a two part blog around what I call the 7 Cs of Successful Inbound Marketing.

When you are launching or managing a social media campaign, it’s important to ensure you address each of the 7Cs which include:
1. Commitment
2. Customers/Clients
3. Campaign
4. Content
5. Consistency
6. Capture
7. Cultivate

Commitment: You have to make a firm commitment to your effort to achieve success. Inbound marketing delivers results but it doesn’t happen overnight. Benefits begin to accrue immediately but the tipping point will come later. This means that you have to be committed to allocating the appropriate time and/or financial resources.
Customers/Clients: The great thing about inbound marketing is that you can target existing & potential customers, niche markets or even capture the interest of individuals who were never on your radar. Determine who you want to follow your content and messaging, this list of candidates will help shape your inbound marketing campaign.

Campaign: Determining target customers will enable you to develop an inbound marketing campaign and identify which social media platforms to leverage for sharing content. Chose from Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. To be successful you don’t have to utilize all of channels. Your campaign should use social media avenues that best reach your targets.

Content: Content is king in the social media environment and it is imperative that content be relevant so it will resonate with your audience. Creating and posting meaningless content is a waste of time, creates clutter, and will be quickly “unfollowed” by your followers. Appealing content consisting of videos, photos,blogs, text messaging, etc., will be followed, shared, liked, re-tweeted, commented on, and easily discovered through search engines.

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