5 Ways to Keep Customers for Life

February 8, 20160 Comments

Keep Your Customers Satisfied

Keep Your Customers Satisfied

Hello, I’m Marianne Tenenbaum, Branding Strategist, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we are sharing 5 ways to help you win customers for life.

When it comes to customers, effective strategies to attract new and retain existing customers are both essential to success. Focusing of your current customer base is critical to maintaining a strong brand.

1. Offer a Strong Value Proposition
A strong value proposition means that customers feel they receive a good value in exchange for their hard earned dollars. Value proposition may include how your product makes the customer feel, what is included in the offer or a product performance guarantee.

2. Provide a Great Customer Experience
Customers are the lifeblood of your company. Ensure you and your employees think of them in this manner and treat them accordingly; provide an outstanding experience every time they visit your business.

3. Knowledge is Key
Know all you can about your existing customers, even at the individual level where possible. Calling someone by name when they walk into your establishment will leave a lasting, positive impression.

4. Appreciate Customer Loyalty
Demonstrate to customers that you appreciate their business. You might create a loyalty program or offer advance notice of new items or events. Social media and online tools offer numerous avenue of communications at no or low cost.

5. Engage with Customers
Leverage social media platforms to interact with your customers. Encourage followers to share their own experiences with your brand, solicit ideas and commentary, share stories about your company that will resonate with your audience. Remember to respond promptly to all comments and questions generated by customers.

You should always work to attract new customers; never do this at the expensive of your current client base. It’s substantially easier and cheaper to generate revenue from existing customers than it is to capture sales from new ones.

The mindset that existing customers always come first will increase your opportunity to develop patrons for life.

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