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October 6, 20150 Comments

Select Channels Your Customers Will Find

Select Channels Your Customers Will Find

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today we are looking at a different way to promote your brand message.

Media outlets are constantly seeking new and interesting content to share with their audience.

PR, publicity, or Public Relations is the promotion of a news item to the media and the general public for the purpose of generating interest in a business or company. One of the keys to successful PR is to ensure that whatever you chose to share is newsworthy.

Good subjects for stories may be profiling an inaugural event, merger or collaboration with new partners or a story of general interest to the media and the public. Content with a personal angle not often submitted, however, that type of story can make a compelling PR item as well.

Once you create the content, such as a press release, you then have to consider how you will distribute it. Start with determining your key markets; local, regional or national. Then assess which media outlets would be most interested in your content and then identify specific publications and contacts. When you send out your story, ensure it has an interesting hook, keep the information concise and embed it in your e-mail to immediately grab the attention of the media contact who receives it.

Media outlets include local newspapers and other news publications; magazines and newsletters dedicated to particular interests; television & radio stations and social media.

Numerous traditional and social media outlets represent a challenge to having your message heard. Use twitter and Facebook to send items to media representatives. In addition to providing earned media, information about your company published by reliable media source lends credibility to your brand.

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